More from Life

I am not sure where life will take me. I know where I’ve gone and I’ve had a wonderful life to this point but I intend to get a job/work. It’s scarey … getting a job after all this time but I’m determined to do it. I think I’ll like money that is coming in … gratitude for work! I could meet new people, do new work things and new play things. I could save a lot!

I want more from my life. That’s incredible but it occurs to me that it’s true. I want to do things in life with a guitar playing in the background. I would be happy this way. Happiness I always have.

“More from my life” … what does that mean? I could travel. I could stay at home. I could drink wine with oysters in restaurants. I am not sure where life will take me …



Well, it’s July 2016 … almost August, and I will write my blog called Kaleidoscope. I was going through my files and I noted “Kaleidoscope Monthly Newsletter Ideas from 2005”! I decided to pick it up right away and ‘The Art of Doing Nothing’ was for July. I will continue it until August.

In my former life, I was a coach, a therapist, a writer and blogger. After the stroke I had in 2006. I was able to put together 3 words and my son was able to teach me to turn on the computer! I tried going to the computer several times a day but I gave up. Instead I listened to the CBC and went to walks all around the city. I’ve been everywhere! I had been “doing nothing” ever since.

Now it 2016! But now I want to change that and Kaleidoscope is the answer for me. So, join me and see if its a difference. I intend to put one blog a week forever.